Endless possibilities... Endless fun!

Tobo Track creative toy train car track

Tobo Track is an exciting new way to build roads and tracks for toy cars and trains. Each set comes with multiple identical pieces that can be joined together in hundreds of ways to create a track that goes anywhere you want it to. Every hexagonal piece has a straight section, a curved section and an intersection – and can be connected to any edge of any other piece. It's a fun way to be creative while playing with toy cars and trains. Tobo Track was designed in Canada and is manufactured in the USA.

Tobo PlayShare adapter connects Thomas Train Friends, Brio, Lego and more.

Toys that play together?

The innovative new PlayShare Adapter multiplies the fun by connecting Tobo Track directly to other wonderful toys that many kids already have. Wooden tracks like Thomas and Brio, as well as plastic bricks like Lego and Megablocks, can become a connected part of the Tobo Track network. We teach our kids to play together, so why shouldn't their toys?

How to build Tobo Track - Animation

To play with Tobo Track just connect pieces together to make a track for any toy car or train (like Hot-Wheels, Matchbox, Brio, Thomas and Friends, and more…). Any edge can connect to any other edge – there's no wrong way to play! Handmade wooden toy cars comes with each set, so its ready to play with straight out of the box.

There are hundreds of possible track shapes and configurations. You can make long winding roads, figure eights, large loops... and many more shapes. Your imagination is the limit!

Tobo Track is made from recycled wood.

What is it made from?

Whoa! Injection molded wood that contains NO plastics! Not even any plastic binders, epoxies, resins or glues. This is not your wood-plastic-composite patio deck stuff. This is truly something new. We didn't develop this material, but we sure knew that kids toys would be the perfect place to use it. This material could be the answer we've all been looking for to reduce the use of plastic and the dependency on oil that it perpetuates. 

Tobo Track is made from Lignin

In simple terms, wood is made up of two components: cellulose and lignin. Cellulose is the fibre and lignin is the glue-like material that holds the fibres together. Cellulose is used for things like paper and cardboard. When paper is created, the cellulose is separated from the lignin and the lignin is either discarded or burned as fuel. The company that makes the material used in Tobo Track has found a way to process the lignin into having thermoplastic properties. This means it can be heated/melted, squished into a mold, and when it cools down it becomes hard and stable. Just like plastic. But it contains no plastic. Yay!

Tobo Track is:

  • safe for kids to play with, and even put in their mouth.
  • sustainably produced, from a material that would otherwise be waste → this is called Up-Cycling.
  • setting an example that there are natural alternatives to oil-based plastic.

Numbers add educational value

What are those numbers for?

Each edge has a number on it, from 1 to 6. They are there to help make numbers more familiar, and you can play tons of games with them. Here are a few examples:

  • say the numbers as you drive across a connection.
  • add numbers together when you drive across a connection. 2+5=7.
  • add up all the numbers you drive across when going from one end of the track to another (or when driving a full loop).
  • if you incorporate two dice when building the track, the numbers you roll are the edges that should be connected together. One roll for every piece that is put down. Then drive on the track you created.
  • Inspire and help your kids to create new ways to use the numbers.