Tobo on TV.

Tobo Toys on Hatched TV

Tobo Toys will be exclusively featured on HatchedTV Saturday morning on The CW (North America only). It's a new program that is similar to Shark Tank or Dragon's Den. Tomas Nielsen presented Tobo Track to the panel of experts and investors, in hopes of getting their help to make Tobo Toys as big hit in the marketplace. 

Tune in Saturday morning and find out how the consumer challenge went and whether the panel thought Tobo Track is retail-ready or not. Check HERE, and on your local cable listings for The CW, to find out what time Hatched is on. The CW is part of most, if not all, basic cable TV packages across Canada and the US. Most of the show times are either at 8:30am, 9:30am or 11:30am.

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